A Polterguist hit my passenger side mirror

I live in Baltimore and park on the street. I have a 98 Volvo v70 wagon, navy with black seats). His name is Hank The Tank. I was pulling Hank into a spot, because there were no cars really and I did not have to back in. I drove past the only car on the block (A tiny in mint condition sports car) with about 4-5 feet of room. As I got closer to the curb?just after I passed the tiny car? I heard a large ‘popping’ or ‘explosion’ sound and saw that my passenger side mirror was bent towards the window and the mirror was cracked! I know the mirrors bend back, but it was not bent all day, nor was it cracked. I had been driving all morning in 32 degree rainy and freezing rain weather, so I had the defrost on (rear and front). The rear defrost also defrosts the side view mirrors somehow. I looked at the other car thinking I must have hit it, but there was not a scratch on it anywhere, each rain droplet perfectly in place. My Car would have not just hit a mirror, because of its size it would have run over the front end of that car. SO I get out, check out the other car, run over to the mirror, I pop the mirror case back, the glass is a mess so I need to tape it. There are no pedestrians, no bikes, nothing, I thought maybe I hit something but there was nothing to hit. Do you think the defrost exploded the window? And have you ever heard of this on a 98 Volvo. Thank you.

I think your mirror met a match, and lost. Spontaneous mirror fracturing is pretty low on the list, so either you hit something or something hit you.

tomorrow in the day light I will see if there are marks on the back of the mirror casing, you never know around here, maybe. Thank you

Did you try to adjust the mirror before it was damaged, and is the adjustment motorized? If so (each question) your mirror was frozen in place and the motor tried to move it and the least strong thing gave out like a circuit breaker.
It’s poltergeist by the way. You don’t have one.

What do you mean exploded the window, Is the window broken ? Could have been caused by a rock, snowball, bullet, frozen waste from an airplane or meteorite.

Not the window, the glass that makes up the passenger side mirror. COuld have been an iceball we have ice, I will try and get a picture tomorrow

no I did adjust the drivers side earlier in the day, but no the passenger side. And yes they are motorized. I am betting on a kid behind a tree. Although I did not see anyone.