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A pain in the ear

Hi all,
I’m having a rather annoying brake problem. My father has replaced all four of my brakes, my fronts were replaced last year while my rear were replaced just 2 months ago. A week ago my brakes started to make an awfully loud squealing noise when I come to a slow stop. The best analogy I have is the sound brakes on a bike make when you press them too hard and you are moving slowly. My father has taken all of the brakes off again and even greased the bolts that move the pads in the front brakes, but the noise persists. My father feels that if I’m still stopping and the brakes aren’t locking to roll with it, but I can’t stand the sound! Does anyone have any recommendations? Oh and my care is a 2003 KIA spectra.


Did dad apply anti-squeal compound to the backs of the brake pads when he installed them? Did he use the proper shims? These things are designed to eliminate brake squeal.

Is the noise coming from the front brakes or the rear brakes?

I’m pretty sure it is coming from the front brakes it’s so loud sometimes it can be really hard to tell. I’ll ask though him about the anti-squeal compound. Thanks!

I like the blue antisqueal compound. Can’t remember whether it’s made by Locktite or Permatex. You can find it at any car parts store. In comes in one use packs, enough to do both pads on one brake, so get two packs and you won’t have any leftover to store. I have never had a brake squeal when using this stuff. It is applied to the backside of the pads and allowed to become tacky before reinstall.