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A new low in distraction

‘A 58-year-old driver dressed except for pants was killed in January in Detroit when he was thrown from his car by a crash. A Michigan State Police spokesman reported that the man had been viewing pornography as he drove. [WJBK-TV (Detroit), 1-26-2016]’

from Chuck Shepherd’s ‘Weird News’


I Already Created This Discussion A While Ago When It Was News.


All I can think of is the inane statements concerning someone who dies mountain climbing, skydiving, whatever. “They died doing what they loved to do”! LOL

“They died doing what they loved to do”! LOL
Tombstone Material!

There was the experienced skydiver in CA a few years ago who augured in after a malfunction.
There were the usual obligatory “he died doing what he loved” statements.

He hit the ground right in front of a dozen skydiving students who had just walked outside and he was said to be screaming bloody murder all the way to impact.
I’d guess he wasn’t loving skydiving very much in spite of the “what he loved” statement.

There was no followup story about how many of those dozen student witnesses decided they didn’t love skydiving at all and left after turning their chute in.

My son took up skydiving without letting us know. After his first jump, a few months later the school where he trained was shut down when a student died due to his parachute not opening. It was a scary lesson for him.