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'Man "showing off" for women before fatal Friday morning crash'

'A man's attempt to impress a group of women he had just met outside a Northeast Heights dance hall turned deadly Friday 	morning when he crashed the car he was driving at high speed, killing himself and two passengers and injuring two others'

    I bicycle up Pennsylvania to Osuna often; there's a nice multi-use trail along Bear Canyon on the north side of Osuna.  Pennsylvania is a residential street.

This just proves that brainless idiots are still alive and well all over the world. They are born every day so they will be around for a very long time. Sadly…these types of stories will be with us forever.

Saw that on the ten o’clock news. usually watch channel 4 KOB but didn’t see you biking down the boulevard…

missileman: 'This just proves that brainless idiots are still alive and well all over the world. '
This one’s dead.

So Darwin is proved right once again?

You guys are harsh.

It is a sad story no matter what.

I am just trying to keep my kids out of cars driven like this and keep my fingers crossed.

galant…there is a time to be harsh and a time to be soft. This is the time to be harsh in my opinion. Did you catch the Helen Mirren commercial dealing with drunk drivers? She was harsh and I loved it. It’s time to call a “spade” a “spade” in this country.

It might be the time, but is this forum the place to be harsh?
Wasn’t there recently a piece on NPR about more US military personnel dying from reckless behavior off base than in combat?

“It might be the time, but is this forum the place to be harsh?”

In my humble opinion…yes.

If not ‘‘harsh’’ at least . .brutally honest.

I thought the thread title meant something else by “man showing off”. There have been a few times when driving down the road, either alone or with other females in the car, that a man has pulled along next to my/our car to show us how he can wag his front tail.

I was young and stupid for a while, luckily I survived it.

Barkydog: So did I.

Count me in too. I regret having been that way and thankful my kids are not like me. I am not sure what had gotten into me between the ages of 12-19, but somehow I survived it and didn’t hurt anybody either.

I’m in the young and stupid survived anyway crowd; and in some cases not that young. Consider it old enough to know better and still no smarter.

The last well known event of a guy showing off to his girlfriend was when he grounded an ocean liner on the Italian coast with the loss of many lives.

Driving on public roads is serious business; doing this carelessly will invoke Darwinism. Reality is usually “harsh”.

Hold My Beer… Watch This! :smiley: