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A new fuse installed, fixes the problem, but now the car wont start

Hello, I have a 2004 Ford Expedition that has been pretty good to me. Minor fixes mostly. Here is my question. The dome lights, brake lights, gauges, and blinkers stopped working suddenly. I replaced the fuse associated with the problem, and all the above now work, but the car wont start. When I remove the replaced fuse the car starts right up. Any idea of what might cause this?

I’m not certain, but you may have reset the vehicle management computer by replacing the fuse. On my Expy, you’d need to reset the VMC by turning on/off the ignition key a number of times (on mine, until the power door locks cycle). Hope this helps.

Thank you! Unfortunately that did not solve the issue. I am welcome to any other suggestions. I appreciate your time.

I am amazed that all those functions were on one fuse. Were there any problems leading up to the fuse failing? Were there any surprises when the burned fuse was replaced?

I suspect the short circuit that blew your fuse somehow involved burning out a ground and now feedback in one subset of the circuit is knocking out the ignition and/or fuel injection. If one of the pros who drop in here has access to their wiring schematics tonight hopefully they will post it.