A merger of Fiat-Chrysler with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi?

How can you take a decidedly mediocre product and make it even worse… ?


Even the French should know better than this. The US car companies responded not with No, but HaHaHaHa No, nooo, no no no!

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Two minds with a single thought. You beat me to it by seconds!

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I always perceived at least half of the makes in proposed merger to be … black sheep…
Can multiple wrongs give one right here? :slight_smile:

I think it’s a good idea. Under a merger, Chrysler could then sell rebadged Mitsubishi products, which are at least as good as their current offerings. Chrysler sold a lot of Mitsubishi products in the past, and used Mitsubishi engines in Chrysler vehicles, with good results.

We always survive politics but I can be afraid of this kind of merger. The meetings should be interesting for all who don’t resign.

Well, one benefit might be that they would only need to file one bankruptcy.

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The father of a friend of mine stopped buying Chryco products after I told him he is helping support the same company that built the planes that shot him down a couple times during WWII.