2010 Chevrolet Suburban - Broken door handle

door handle does not open the car door

If the door lock does not go up and down to unlock the door, then it is the door lock actuator that needs to be replaced.
If the lock works fine, then there is a rod inside the door that came off or the piece that holds it broke. towards the end of the video, you can see the rod and plastic part that holds it.

Door won’t open (Chevy tahoe , suburban, Yukon, Denali 07-14) - YouTube

I had similar problem on my Corolla, inspection after removing the door panel showed a replacement part was required. There’s a company named Dorman that sources door parts that I’ve used successfully. Unless you are looking for a fiddling challenge, suggest to give this job to your local auto repair shop technician. As well, let them source the part. Very easy for a door-inexperienced diy’er to break something else while attempting to effect the repair.

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