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A little Car Talk humor on a topic we love to hate - Extended Warranties!

These cartoons will get you giggling.


This is my favorite… So good.


One not on the list…


… and his sister phones me every day to tell me that my “Apple device” is corrupted.
I don’t own an Apple device, but I greatly appreciate her concern.



I bake apple pies in my pie pan.


What really p*sses me off about the phone companies is they said las year they’d fix this…they haven’t. As a Software manager in the Telecom field I can tell you right now…THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT TO DO. In fact it’s trivial. But the phone companies don’t want to stop it. If they wanted to stop it they would have years ago. None of these phone calls are legitimate. They are all spam just to get you credit card information…PERIOD.

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I can block calls, but there is a limit to the phone numbers I can block. Mrs JT picked up a spam call last summer, and we immediately received more calls, frequently 10 or more a day, all from different numbers. My VOIP provider claimed they couldn’t help me. More like wouldn’t. They have since gotten Nomorobo from them as part of the monthly fee, but it doesn’t catch all the robocalls. I get the same thing on my cellphone. I’ll never pay for a hotel room again!


Saw this one today.




OK, I hate these calls like everyone, but sometimes, I feel like Seinfeld, so I answer the call. I figure I can have a bit of fun with the salesperson.
The problem is, I can never get the call to work; they hang up. Not sure why they waste their time calling if they are not interested to trap me.


Not only cars. I don’t answer my phone anymore if I don’t know who it is, but I got a letter the other day from Eaton Vance: “We have been trying to get in touch with you, please call . . .” Yeah, 5 minutes on hold and the guy couldn’t spit out what the letter was for.

I’m not in the telecom field, but if it was truly as trivial as you say it is, it would’ve been fixed. Why wouldn’t the telecom companies want that good PR?

I believe, as with just about any long-standing problem in the world, that it’s not nearly as simple as a conspiracy of people just choosing to ignore the fix.

Money. The telecom companies make a lot of money with these robocalls at both ends. The company that’s doing the calls pays a service…and consumers who buy caller ID to help block these calls.


Occasionally I will answer, I tell them I have a 1958 Packard Hawk. Consumes a minute of their offshore call centers time.

What phone companies still charge a separate fee for caller ID?
Kind of a moot point, most have their ID blocked and the phone number may be spoofed.
My phone allows me to block the numbers, but they just call from a different number.

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Some smaller ones still do. But what I’ve seen is when caller ID became the standard price when up.

And that’s why they’re spoofing numbers…It’s rare they’ll spoof a number I actually know. So if I don’t know the number then I don’t answer. I get dozens of unwanted phone calls a week.

I got one where the number spoofed was my landline number!


That’s actually pretty common. Whatever equipment these folks use, they can plug in whatever number they want so it looks like the wife calling, the IRS, or whoever. All caller ID will show is the number they plugged in, not actually where they are calling from. I’ve done a return call a few times to the number used and get a not in service message.

Years ago I got a warranty call and I said “oh thank heavens, I’ve got 400,000 miles on my Buick and I could use a warranty”. Click.

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I had my cell-phone spoofing my cell-phone.


That is really funny…
And it makes me angry, too, rotten scammers!

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I assume the spammers making those calls pay the telecoms quite a bit of money.