A few questions about my 2004 Mitsubishi Montero

I have a 2004 Montero Limited with 182K miles. This vehicle gets top priority in my household and is in perfect condition. So much so, that I can see all those 4 runner guys gazing with envy as I drive past. That said, I have a few weird things going on. Issue #1 I am getting some minor popping and cracking from the front only in wet conditions. I have replaced both upper and lower control arms, new axle on both sides, new struts, and new tie ends. Thoughts? Issue # 2 every morning for the last week the temperature gauge goes to max hot with plenty of coolant. It drops to normal after about 10 minutes of driving. There seems to be debate on forums if this is a thermostat issue or gauge sensor issue. Thoughts? Issue #3 for the last week I also get the check engine light, anti-skid light and traction control lights coming on at the exact turn on my home (no joking). They go away after a restart. I’m asking because I have taken this thing to every mechanic in town and get shrugs. I have spent over 5k in replacing parts over the last three years. I’ve been told to sale and my response is always ‘NEVER’. I love your show and listen every week so I would really value your thoughts. Thanks in advance.

The show has been in reruns for many years and is no longer being broadcast in most markets. Ray still has a newspaper column, buy Tommy passed away a few years ago. This site is overseen by people from Car Talk but the replies you will get are fro forum member, some of whom are mechanics with the rest being armatures like me.

If the temp goes to max hot as soon as you have the engine running it is probably a gauge or sensor issue. If it takes a couple of minutes it could be a sticking thermostat.

“coming on at the exact turn on my home” I have no Idea what that means but if your check engine light is on, most cars will disable traction control and stability control.

To track down the wet weather noises in the front you will need to get your mechanic to drive ir in the rain.