A dishonest car salesman? I'm shocked!

I already knew enough to avoid this particular dealership, but the actions of one of their salesmen have put an even bigger cloud over this dealership:

Who carries around $15,000 in cash, and who would be stupid enough to give cash to a salesman? Unless in a very small dealership (which have mostly vanished after 2007), salesman don’t handle money but they have business managers do that. You know the ones that ask you about putting on all that extra stuff that you keep saying no to? So at any rate there is always more than one person involved in a transaction. That’s just good business for anyone. If you are honest, you don’t want anyone to be able to question your honesty. Also works for protecting yourself against harassment charges.

A lot of illegal aliens ( none from Mars that I know of ) and some ethnic groups just don’t trust banks.

Here in California marijuana will soon be legal for any purpose, recreational or medical. The producers are not allowed to use bank accounts, so no checks allowed, all transaction have to be in cash. Including payment of taxes. The Calif tax collector has done some cyphering and discovered it’s going to be a big problem for the producers to pay their taxes, as the volume and weight of the currency involved is going to be huge. They’re trying to come up with some method to transport all that cash safely to the state offices. Bizarre, but true.

One word: bitcoin.

Yeah but I believe that is a federal banking issue that does not allow the banks to deal with the producers or they’ll lose their charter. That could change under new management. It is really silly. The whole war on drugs has been silly, initiated by the liquor industry to smash competition.

Don’t get me wrong, I think drugs are a real problem and can’t imagine Kalifornica under any more drug influence, but take the money out of it and the cartels will go away.

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Huling Brother’s Chevrolet in Seattle about 10yrs ago, more than one victim but a particular gentleman lost about $100,000.00


After reading that story I’m too enraged to even comment, except what kind of a slime ball snake would ever take advantage of someone just because they could? How have we sunk to this level where someone would even think this was ok?

This dishonest “slime ball snake” is an outright thief!