A death wish?


They actually work very well. They are meant to get you out of being stuck. They are not to be driven on the road for any distance. Just to get unstuck.

The owner is stuck? In dry parking lot?

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If I needed a short term fix that would enable me to keep driving in conditions where a flat or blowout could easily be handled, I’d do that. It’s pretty creative.

I prefer a gel instant glue.

Driving with worn out rear tires or when the tread is noticeably more worn on the rear than the front is more dangerous than this.

There have been 2 head on accidents and 5 lives lost in the last 5 years from this in my area from hydroplaning. I was at the junk yard and someone was buying a new front for his truck and he said he was just driving along on slush / snow and all the sudden his truck just turned in to the ditch. I looked at the rear tires on the way out and they were worn way down but the front ones were fine.

Mud flaps are one thing, all-weather flaps are another. Smiley flaps? At a fancy restaurant all vehicles must wear ties.

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I have seen a few dodgy fixes in my day, that right there is one step below duct tape on the tire to keep the tread on…

And we share the road with these people… :roll_eyes:


And they also breed and vote. :upside_down_face:


Reminds me of a lady I was behind at a tire store, "I could have gotten another 300 miles out of these tires if you did not have a gravel parking lot.

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Kind of beside the point, but I wonder if that tire is a recap. Well, I know it is now…but you know what I mean!

Cornell was a cheap Pep Boys tire. With that white wall that tire is probably 20 years old.

I was wondering what brand that tire was. Looked like a Maypop to me!

I can’t remember the last time I saw a Cornell tire.

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That photo would have gotten laughs on Jay Leno’s segment about bizarre home-brew repairs. I forget what he called that segment, hillbilly repairs, something like that. That might work ok if you noticed your tire was busted while you were at 7-11 buying a Big Gulp, and just needed to get home, a mile or two at 20 mph.

What that looks like to me is a tread separation that has come partial apart and is being held together with zipties. I hope the owner gets this taken care of ASAP. This could result in something quite tragic!