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Advice that is not to be taken seriously

… but I have seen a few of these in parking lots.


I was in a restaurant parking lot last week and pulled in next to a Dodge Charger with rear tires that looked exactly like this!

Yeah, it isn’t the rainy season right now but it did rain quite a bit last Sunday. I predict the owner will find out the hard way this isn’t a good idea!

Just as bad–or perhaps even worse–I have observed a number of AWD vehicles whose front or rear tires look like that. Ergo–no rotation of the tires.

These are undoubtedly the folks who think that the manufacturer’s specified tire rotation schedule is some sort of conspiracy, rather than something intended to keep their vehicle operating with as few problems as possible.

A few years ago, when I was planning to proactively replace my tires, I asked the manager at the local Costco tire center about the best days to go there.
His advice:
Never come here on a rainy day. That is when the people who are driving on bald tires finally figure out that they need to buy tires, and then we are swamped with customers.

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Same way here when the weather forecast calls for the first snow of the season, even worse when it actually starts snowing.

My coworker who has the same hybrid Accord as I do had to replace OEM tires recently at 40K miles.

Fronts were almost as bold as the ones from the picture above, rears would be decent, if he did not replace one with the totally unmatching one after getting it slashed with some sharp stuff on the road.

I tried convincing him before that he has to rotate tires at least once a year or at 10K or something.
He made up a math model, where it is cheaper for him to just replace all 4 when front two get worn to the ground.
I kinda suspect I was put into the “rotation conspiracy group” too.

Unfortunately for him, his economy did not work as planned, as Honda has indirect TPMS, which went completely haywire from the increasing front/rear difference of the tire rotation speeds… including his totally unmatching wheel, so finally the car showed “your TPMS has malfunction, see dealer immediately” message and he had to go for the complete system reset at the dealer… followed with 4 new tires.