A chance to win free gas for a year!

Actually, the American Red Cross is going to award this $6k prize to three people, chosen from among those who donate blood between 8/1/22 and 8/31/22:


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I have never known Red Cross to not be critically short of blood. I’m o + and wife is o - so we are in demand plus neither one of us has aids or monkey pox. Clean living. Still rc is not my favorite and when I used to go around soliciting donations, some folks had violent reactions at the name, based on how they were treated.

I can well understand it, based on my brother’s statements regarding the way that the ARC treated American GIs in Vietnam. However, the need for blood donations is real, and if it was possible for me to donate blood at this time–prize or no prize–I would do it. Unfortunately, my Oncologist has cautioned me that nobody should receive any of my blood.

I have the most optimistic blood type: B Positive.

Seriously, current disease condition is not the only important part of determining blood donor status. Anyone taking prescription drugs should check first to see if any of those drugs can be dangerous for another person. It is likely that the medical staff at the donation site will tell you to go home if you take those dangerous prescription drugs. You should at least take a list of active prescriptions with you if you want to donate blood. I keep a list including dosage on my cell phone. Might as well save yourself a trip. I’m sure you are aware of the @bing, but all readers here might not be.

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I’m guessing 10 years ago you’d have never have thought you’d say that sentence! … lol … This is the age of the virus I guess.

Hooooboy, free gas for a year. But I don’t really think the rest of this has anything to do with gas or cars or whatever.