New cars sales have increased to an amazing extent

… apparently as a result of vaccine availability.

I saw that article and somehow that is just sad . I guess those that really did not need a Stimulus check ( I did not but it is my tax money ) just can’t see the point of putting in savings . Like home prices just going through the roof we now live in a very strange world.

I wonder what is going to happen to those people when the delayed gas and electric bills start hitting their mail box . Here in Oklahoma there is a plan to raise all utility bills for the next 10 years to cover the recent cold weather fuel costs.

Keeping with vehicle point I used our 30 + mpg vehicle to go get my second vaccine dose yesterday.

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It’s pent up demand. There’s two years of car buying going on. My daughter bought a new car during the summer. As for stimulus checks, I’m spending mine. We wanted to buy a new refrigerator a year ago, but didn’t want to let the installers in. It’s OK now that we are vaccinated. The old one keeps stuff cold, but isn’t fully functional.

Just like back in the 1930’s, people don’t want stimulus checks or government make-work, they want their jobs back. I’m embarrassed to get a payment and we just donate it, knowing some really need the money.

Just be glad that you qualify for those payments. I don’t qualify, and yet I continue to donate generously to several charities. If I did qualify, I would donate even more.

As a side note, looking to move, housing prices have skyrocketed! Missed our window of opportunity I guess. Luckily we are happy enough to stay,

Myself and most people my wife and I work with also don’t qualify. But I do know a few people who do qualify and are very happy to get something. A job would be better.

Earlier in the Pandemic dealers couldn’t give the cars away…now they can’t keep them on the lot.

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yes that is because are getting sick of buying 10k euros cars and pay another 5k euros to get it working. I also bought a new car for the same reason

And chip shortages are causing vehicle shortages, further driving (sorry) up prices.

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People who make +$100k seem to have no Covid job losses. Folks who make $30k are in bad shape? Low income folks are buying new cars? Or well off folks are actually feeling good enough to buy a new car?

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Though I am shopping for a used car I notice the 2021s did not show up until late February rather than November of last year.

Not around here. Plenty of high paying jobs lost due to Covid. Not all tech companies are doing well. So many engineers earning $150k+ lost their jobs.