A/C problems

My one and only vehicle is a 1995 Silverado Pickup 1500. I live in Texas (it’s hot!) and last year the freon was out. Got it refilled and 3 weeks later it was out again. Drove all summer without it.(Gasp!) Had it filled again and once more it’s out. What is it? I do not see any leaks underneath or by looking under the hood. HELP! This heat is sweltering!

Take it to someone who has a refrigerant sniffer. With a refrigerant leak that large it should be simple to pin-point. Let’s hope its not an expensive component such a condenser or evaporator that’s leaking.


Well you have a leak, maybe a small one. Just refilling freon does no fix the problem, it just allows you to use it for a while.

Clearly wherever you took it did not know or did not car about how it is fixed. You don’t want a national chain place or Acme tyres and A/C. You do want Ed’s A/C and radiator shop, in business since 1962