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A/c problems

2002 montecarlo ss.i put in 134a 7 weeks feels like the only vents that have some cold air coming out are on the passenger side.the blowers working the compressor is kicking on.i must have a their something i can try before i have to take it to a mechanic?and i live in pittsburgh pa.if any one knows of a mechanic that is reasonable and trustfull.that would is blowing a slight cold air on he passanger side.what else could it be.what kind of price am i looking at spending.any advice would be great. rob

Sounds like there’s something wrong with your blend door or other parts of the system that channels the air to the various vents in the car. Does it do the same thing when it’s set on heat? If it’s blowing cold air, you probably did the AC job right. I’m not familiar with what means GM used in your car to control these things. If they’re vacuum operated you may have a leak or a line off. (or a bad actuator or stuck blend door as mentioned) It may also be a bad control ‘head’, especially if the system is electrically operated. If the air coming out is only slightly cold, but normal airflow, it probably means you didn’t put enough refrigerant in the system or you have something else wrong.

i put the heat on .their is heat coming out on all sides.put the a/c on and blowing cold on both the passanger side vents.the drivers side is warm.i found the a/c line going into the car at the firewall and that is cold to the touch.the bled door sounds like a what can i do myself to try to see if the blend door is stuck.and i do think it is.electrical operated.3.8 v6 2002 monte carlo ss.any advice would be great.thanks rob

any advice would be helpfull thanks

I am afraid that you are going to need someone with hands on for this one. I agree it sounds like the blend doors. But someone needs to get in there and check. Do you know someone with the same make model and year? If so ask they to come over for a beer or two. Put your cars side by side. Turn the setting the same in both cars and then change one then make the same change to the other. Carefully listen to the system. Do they both sound the same each time? Does the air flow the same for each one (ignore the temperature) each time?

mechann thanyou for your advice.the a/c unit im just learing about know.i want to try everything i can do before taking it to the shop to see if i can get the blend doors to open.or their could be a many things that it could i will get someone to check it over.thanks for your answerer. what kind of price/cost to look for just to get the a/c system diangosted/or any repair that got to do with the a/c system.i dont want to go to the shop and dont have any idea what the cost for any type of work that may have to be done with the a.c unit. rob

trying to find a a/c shop in pittsburgh area that is reliable and honest.i dont know to much about the a/.c unint.their must be a leak in the system and the cost to repair or even diagonse the problem. how much is the going rate to find out the problem with the air conditoing thanks rob