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A/C Problem at highway speed

My wife’s 2002 Toyota Echo with 205,000 original owner miles on it has a problem where the AC fan does not blow out adequate air at highway speeds. When you put the selector switch to get the maximum airflow and have the fan on high speed, you can HEAR it blowing out but the air coming out of the vents is minimal. Please help anyone. It’s hot in FL but the car gets excellent mileage so we take it in lieu of our 2008 Tundra. Thank you.

Jacksonville, FL

It is probably the door that directs the air to the vents is not moving. Is it blowing out the defrost? Does this car have a cabin filter? Has it been replaced? If it is dirty it will restrict air flow.

When you put it into the max AC, you are circulating inside air only. The intake for the air is under the dash on the passenger side. The opening could be blocked. The cabin airfilter does not affect this position, it only affects outside air. Try using the outside air position and see if it works Ok for you.