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A/C Instantly went hot, then cold, then HOT!

I have a 1998 Volvo S90. I usually have to charge the a/c once a year to keep it cold. Today while driving the a/c went from cold to hot almost instantly. I turned it off, waited a minute and turned it back on. Cold just like normal. Two minutes later, hot air again. Turned it off again, waited a few minutes, turned it on, cold air but only for about 30 seconds. This was all done while driving. Any suggestions on what might be causing this?

I’d take a look at the vacuum connections from the engine to the dash controls. Providing, of course, that it is a vacuum controlled system.

You shouldn’t have to recharge it every year. It means there’s a leak, which should be found and fixed. Until you do that everything else is a waste of time and money.

Since I have neither the specialized equipment nor the expertise for automotive AC work, whenever I have a problem with the AC in my vehicles I take them to a shop with the necessary equipment and expertise.

I suggest you do the same.