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A/c failure

My A/C shut down then I tried it an hour later and it worked. Then it stopped again a couple of days later and engine service light came on. Got new compressor but A/C again shut down then started again next day. (No service engine light yet.)

Your service engine light is for scheduled maintenance, your Check Engine Light for emissions system malfunctions. You’ll get no light for a failed AC system.

You need to get this to a shop that does automotive AC work. I suspect the problem is in the control portion of the system. I’ve attached a link to a good explanation of automotive AC systems. But knowing this won’t help fix the problem. You need someone who can do a hands-on diagnosis and repair.

My A/C shut down

Could you be more descriptive? I am suspecting it is icing over, but I can’t tell without a better description.

If I am right, it will mean the same thing mountainbike suggested, you are going to end up at the A/C shop.

MB, I basicaly agree with you except on one point,GM used to call their “check engine” lights an SES light, for Service Engine Soon, it had nothing to do with engine service,just check what OBDI or II system is making the light come on.

People were always getting them confused

Thanks for your feedback on my A/C. However, I already spent $1166 on a new compressor and other parts such as orifice tube. Worked great first week, then cut off for a few hours while I am on the road. Next day it worked fine, and even today when it is 101 degrees it is spewing out iced air. But I now don’t trust it and am just wondering when its going to fail again. So my question is what could cause intermittent failures?

hey storm whats the year make and engine size

Define stopped working. Does this mean that there was no air blowing out of the dashboard vents or that the A/C compressor itself was inoperable?

The reason for asking is that knowing this can help greatly in forming an opinion.