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A/C evaporator seal - part discontinued

Hi everyone,

After a compressor failure, I’m replacing all the main parts of my A/C system (1995 Camaro 3.4L). So, that includes the evaporator, which has a gasket (part 42 in picture below). You’re supposed to replace this gasket with a new one…mine is original and is split in one area and not in good shape. Problem is that the new part didn’t come with a gasket and the GM part number seems to be discontinued.

What should I do in this situation? I don’t want any problems down the road from not doing this job correctly.


Cut a section out of foam pipe insulation or a pool noodle.

The gasket is there to protect the evaporator from vibration that could wear a hole in it.


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Have you considered the use of some sticky sided foam?

So there’s nothing special about this gasket then. That brings me to my next related question, the shop manual mentions using sealant around the gasket area where the evaporator mounts at the expansion valve. “To prevent air entry from the engine compartment into the passenger compartment” use GM part number 3012078. Some kind of sealant, but no information on it if you google that part number. Would it be some kind of silicone, rtv, etc?

Something like this will work just fine.


Ok. Well thanks for the help on this. I’ll probably see about using some adhesive backed foam/weatherstripping and I already have some of the Permatex.