A/C Compressor

I’ve got a 2000 Toyota Corolla with AC that doesn’t work. It blows hot air, but doesn’t ever get cold, and the a/c light flashes. I took it in today, and the mechanic told me the compressor was shot, and a new one + labor was likely to run me at least $1000. Does this sound about right, or am I getting completely ripped off?

First I would get a second opinion, and make sure it is an AC specialty shop.

Second, if you really wanted some guesses about pricing you’d have to say exactly what the shop will do. If I were an AC tech looking at an 11 yr old car I would not just pull out and replace the AC compressor. I would tear the whole system down. There is no other good way to do it. So “replace compressor” is generally short hand for doing more than that.

Sounds about right and on a 10 year old car is entirely plausible but not enough is known to know whether the shot diagnosis is correct or not.

The compressor could be leaking (normal with age and miles) and the shop figures the safe way out is a reman compressor rather than a reseal of the old one whose condition could be iffy at best.