A/C Compressor/Clutch

My “99” Monte Carlo would not crank. I found the A/C pulley is stuck and will not rotate. About 3 days earlier the the A/C stopped blowing cold air. Can a bad clutch prevent the rotation or am I looking at replacing the entire compressor/clutch?

A bad clutch can prevent rotation. I have had the clutch assembly replaced without replacing the entire compressor.

Could be, but odds are the compressor is siezed. Worth checking the clutch first, of course. With the ignition off, is the pulley still locked to the clutch?

Clutch spins with the ignition off.

By ‘spins’, you mean ‘my hand can turn it’, right? Not ‘I give it a push and it spins by itself’.

Correct, I can turn it with my hand. It does not spin freely.

So it’s just the pulley that’s locked up? Maybe the pulley bearing?