A/c compressor clutch won't kick on(1985 olds delta 88)

all of a sudden my compressor clutch stopped working on my 1985 delta 88 with a 307 v-8

i replaced cutout relay and cycling switch,still nothing.

i have current coming from my ecm connector to the cutout relay,but the connector is pretty melted and gooey from engine heat.

i put the test light on my wiring to the clutch and get no juice

i can get the clutch to kick on if i hot wire it from the battery,and a/c blows cold.

i stick a test light into the connector for the cycling switch with the a/c on and get no juice

do i need a new connector for my cutout relay,since it’s melted,or do i need a new control panel?

You need a new connector to replace that melted gooey mess anyway, before your engine compartment goes up in flames, so cheange that and see what happens. If it still doesn’t work, check the fuses. From there, get the schematic and trace back from the AC clutch until you find the place where the voltage disappears.

Caveat: after you replace the connector, and find the missing voltage, check the current to the AC clutch when it’s engaged. Be sure that melted gooey mess didn’t melt because of excess current, which could have also caused a fuse to blow or whatever your current “fault” is to have appeared.

Post back with the results.

Normal engine heat won’t melt this connector unless you lay it on the exhaust manifold. These are designed to handle under-hood temperatures. It sounds like you have an electrical problem and a poor connection or overload melted the connector. You may also find that you have a wire burnt in half somewhere. Nothing really to do but trace everything down.