A/c clutch on off


my 1988 Olds 88 A/C clutch will only engage for a few seconds then disengage for about a minute then engage a few seconds and on and on. The A/C is not working and I recently converted to 134a. What might be the prob.?


You Have a Leak


the compressor will do this if it’s low on freon.check the freon and see if it’s low if it’s not your relay is probably bad.


Knowing the pressures would help, but the most likely cause is low refrigerant due to a leak followed by a faulty low pressure switch.

If that’s the original R4 compressor then it’s done a good job up to this point.


Was a good vacuum pulled when the conversion was done? Air in the system can cause excessive pressures and overloading, as well as causing compressor burnout.


STAR… What the heck are you talking about??? The system is low on freon, that causes the compressor to cycle on and off you dipstick.


As usual, Star spouting a bunch of incorrect A/C info again.
Autos are a big enough expense and aggravation without making the situation worse. It’s not helpful nor is it even funny.