Burning Up

My clutch on my ac compressor failed. After replacing the compressor and pulling a good vac 29.89 (inches of mercury). I cranked it up and turned the ac on and was able to get 13 oz’s of refregerent in it and the compressor never kicked in. I tried jumping the low preesure switch out (or what I thought was the lp switch) to no avail.Any suggestions?

Odds are it was the wrong switch. The compressor should’ve kicked on immediately and stayed on throught the process with the right one jumped. Maybe you got the high pressure switch instead of the low one.

Having done this a few times before, it’s my understanding that the compressor should be engaged to properly add refrigerant to the system; if yours never came on, it’s hard to say how much actually got into your system.

I agree; it sounds like you’re jumping the wrong switch. Unless that switch is electrically dead and you’re simply jumping 2 inert wire leads.

Have you checked that switch with a test light?

A question and a comment. You did make sure the system and compressor has the right amount of oil I hope?
Before energizing the clutch on a new compressor you should rotate the clutch (working the compressor internals) by hand at least a dozen times. This can prevent compressor damage due to oil pooling. (assuming the compressor wa full of oil)