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A/C clutch

I had someone try to tell me today that if the freon is low in the A/C system, the clutch wont engage on the compressor just the same. My problem is that I have a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport and the A/C wont blow cold air. I did some looking around and found that the clutch isn’t engaging. Brought it to a friend of mines attention for whom is a Subaru Technician and he tried telling me that. It just doesnt sound right to me. Anybody else think this is true?

Yes it’s true.

There’s a low pressure switch in the A/C system that prevents the compressor clutch from engaging if the refrigerant charge is too low. This is done to protect the compressor from being damaged from this low charge of refrigerant.


I’ll second Tester; it’s true.
The vehicle is 11 years old; it’s due for leaks.