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A/C blows hot air - 2001 Ford Crown Victoria

2001 crown vic blows hot air
This started about 4 days ago

Tried charging the system - that didn’t help.
Looking for suggestions of what else could be the problem

Is the dial pointed at Blue, not Red?

The problem could be a bad compressor, a leak, a bad sensor, a bad belt, a blockage, or a bad control module. You may need a professional to look at it. At 13 years old, the potential list is long.

Your A/C sounds a lot like my boss. Nothin’ but hot air…

You tried charging the system? Did you check the pressure in the system first? If so, did the pressure come up to the correct range? (Depends on ambient air temp). Some things are not great for DIY - A/C is one of them because of the specialty tools and knowledge required.

If the system has pressure and the lines get cold, I would first suspect a blend door problem.

This “how it is supposed to work” link might be helpful in debugging your problem. And preventing you from inadvertently doing something that could turn an inexpensive-to-fix AC problem into a really-expensive-to-fix AC problem.

If the compressor is engaging, the pressures are normal, and the accumulator is cold then my vote is with cigroller about this being a blend door problem.

Vics use an electronic blend-door control, that “Temp” knob mounted in the middle of the heater control panel…They are failure prone, allowing the heater to overcome the air conditioner…Repair is not to expensive or difficult. Visit the and LEARN…