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A Bulge in Front Tire

My 96 Camry steering wheel started to wobble when I was driving on highway. A significant bulge was then found in a front tire. Could the tire be rebalanced? Or I need to change it?


Change the tire immediately. The bulge is caused by a failure of the tire casing. You are a candidate for a blow-out with this tire.

New tire now!

You, yunfeng, are living on borrowed time. CHANGE YOUR TIRE NOW!!!

Wow, gotta ask? That’s like saying my house is burning, should I leave or wait?

Seriously - as everyone has said. Don’t even drive to a tire shop on it. Replace it with the spare and then drive directly to the tire shop.

This is a symptom of imminent tire failure.
Replace it yesterday.

To you or me this is obvious but to someone who does not know much about cars (never taught, new driver, etc.) this is a good question, it’s a chance to learn and grow.

The tire is TOAST! Replace it immediately!