Driving with a slightly bulged tire is dangerous?

I was getting a tire rotation and balancing after that my car start vibrating and making a noise around 15-20mph I took it back and they found out my rear tires which is on front is not smooth it is hard to visually see it but when you touch it you can tell. Guy said keep it on front and it might fix itself with the weight of the car. Not sure if it is safe though. It only vibrates around that speed on highway speeds it is just noisy but that is all. It is not a Buble on the tire. They have 6/32 depth.

Sounds like cord separation. If you can feel it, I am guessing that it is beneath the tread rather than in the sidewall, right?

Is it dangerous? Probably not very. If it is beneath the tread, the tire will wear unevenly and will fail soon. If it is in the sidewall, then it is mostly just annoying. I would not buy the same kind of tires again.

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Wear patterns can develop on the rear tires of light weight cars, when moved to the front the noise from the wear pattern can be annoying.

Not dangerous, just going to make noise like an off-road tire. Give it a few weeks, if the noise doesn’t lessen, replace the tires.

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I disagree, if it was my tire I would replace it.


I would also replace the tires, as long as you are paying for them and I am getting paid for the work.

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If the noise sounded like a helicopter the tire is separating and needs to be replaced as soon as ASAP as it will come apart very shortly.


First, I agree, this sounds like a tread separation.

And I disagree - this is VERY dangerous. Remember the Ford/Firestone thing from 20 years ago? People died.

Get the tire replaced ASAP!!.


If you don’t like the tires available at Discount Tires, go elsewhere.

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But he doesn’t like the tires they sell, he said their tires were excrement. I don’t go there, but thought they carried quality tires.

That guy is giving you dangerous advice.


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I think it’s a stretch to insist on replacing a tire we have not seen or heard.
Troubleshooting via internet has its limitations.

I don’t think it is a wrong to say replace a tire over the web that does not sound like it is as good as it should be . Plus this person is a delivery driver who says they drive up to 30 mph over the speed limit .

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I agree with this, although by the description it does sound like a separation, as opposed to just funky tire wear.

Any chance you could post a pic of the offending bulge, @gandhi_s-flip-flop ?

It is called heel-toe wear;


Profanity .


??? suggest to explain

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The tires must be rotated more frequently to prevent wear patterns from developing.

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