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National Park Senior Pass $20

So based on the recommendations on this board, finally got the America The Beautiful Senior pass. This is a followup, to where one should go in a previous post. So as I understand it with this pass, hang it on the mirror and visit any national park. Have you used yours?

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Yes, many times . We just keep it the glove box .

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So no hassle, just smile and drive on in?

Yes, I’ve used it quite a few times. I purchased mine a year or two ago. I like to take a friend go to see the maritime museum national park in San Francisco, take tour of the ships etc. Each time is a little different b/c different ships are coming and going all the time. It’s pretty interesting to discuss how the ships are constructed to be able to withstand the huge waves rounding the Cape of Magellan with the expert tour guides. For those tourists without a pass, $20 each admission I think. For me and my friend, free for both of us, can’t beat the price. That plus a little city sightseeing and dinner in Chinatown makes for a very nice afternoon and evening. It’s a win win b/c SF businesses are making a little money on our visit too.

You got one for $20? They are $80 now. I got mine when they were just $10.

I keep mine in my wallet and show it at the entrance station. You do not need to display it in your vehicle.

Got any parks in mind? I might have a few tips for you.

I got mine when they were free, still have it in my wallet, Unfortunately, mo National Parks within 4 hours of us that I know of. There are a few National Historic site and a National Forest is only about 90 miles away where you get half price campsites but we no longer go camping.

NY seniors get into all our State Parks free except on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays and we have a LOT of State Parks.

My wifw and I took an 8600 mile trip across the country before I was 65 and I bought an Annual National Park pass for $50 and it saved us hundreds.

Several years ago, when I visited FDR’s home in Hyde Park, NY, I was asked if I wanted to pay $5 for admission, or pay $10 for a permanent free pass. The choice was obvious.
Like the others, I just keep it in my glove box.

I don’t keep anything valuable in the glove box after being broken into. I have a zip-lock bag with all the stuff I use when driving.

I park in lots of local national forests to go hiking. I leave the card hanging from the rear-view mirror in case the ranger comes by.

Must be an old pic, or may random trolls age slower :slight_smile:

My wife’s was lost when hit-and-run driver totaled my 2006 Matrix in July.
Not much hope of getting a replacement from the bureaucracy.

You have to buy a new one.