Hit A Curb in my 94 Honda Accord

I was driving in my Accord and I was being stupid, yes im a teenager thinkin im invincible. But anyways I was driving rather fast and I went to take a turn I hit the brakes and i slammed on them and i went into a skid and rocked the curb with the front passenger wheel. Now the wheel is bent inward towards the engine and it rubs against the car. The tire is destroyed because i drove it like 2 blocks home and it made a groove from a bolt sticking out. I know im gonna have to replace the tire, but what else will I have to get done to it?

The front end needs to be checked by a competent mechanic because there is a very good chance that you bent or otherwise damaged some vital component(s) that have to do with steering the car and/or with keeping the wheel assembly connected with the car. This is not something to take chances with, and the car should not be driven until everything has been checked, and if necessary, repaired in the front end.

Since experience is the best teacher, I am confident that this incident will result in more careful/less reckless driving on your part.

“Since experience is the best teacher, I am confident that this incident will result in more careful/less reckless driving on your part.”

Thats what I told my mom, she said one of these times your not gonna get a second chance.

How much you think it could cost to have it fixed?

Some of the components that could be damage are
Control Arm ( is the first one that got damage in these types of incidents)
The knuckle could be bented
and the tie rod end could be damaged as well
take into consideration that you probably will need to align the car after replacing bented /broken parts
hope it helps

Nobody can really answer that question without knowing what parts (if any) need to be replaced. If you have lived a good and honorable life up until this point, and if you are extremely lucky, the fates may smile upon you, and you might have to replace only the tire and the wheel.

On the other hand, if the damage necessitates that you replace a tie rod, a ball joint, a suspension arm, or all of the above, you should have either a credit card or a job to pay for the work.

Your mom said “one of these times”???
How many times is this?
You did what? How fast were you going?

This damage is going to cost you monetarily. Continue driving like that and it may cost you your life. Hopefully you grow up before you kill of maim somebody innocent, somebody’s mom, dad, brother, sister…

Yes, I’m going to chew you out. You have no business on the roads until you grow up. My son was hit by a clown like you when he was 6 years old. If you come tearing down my street you and I are going to have a little chat.

I’ve been known to go fast no matter what I’m doing. Whether it be on my bicycle, eating, quading, dirtbiking, etc. (i’ve had a few accidents on quads and dirt bikes as well) I just love the thrill of going fast.

I’ve taken an auto class in high school and I know i have to replace more than just the tire and wheel. Although the wheel doesn’t look to bent out of shape from what i can see from the naked eye, but im sure alignment tests can tell me a lot more than i can see. The wheel just has a couple scrapes on it from the curb

without lecturing you… boy is it tempting… but MB beat me to it!

this is going to cost you at least 500 bucks from your general description. it may even cost more than this old car is worth. i really suspect it is going to cost more thanits worth.

if you drive fast and borderline out of control, in the long run this behavior will cost you big $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. if you are lucky the cash is all it will cost you.

i sincerely hope this is a good lesson for you to SLOW down and drive more carefully. hopefully the cash isn’t too much, but spending hard earned money is a sure way to learn, huh?

It has no place on public roads. Period. You’re crashing and doing serious damage, which proves beyond a doubt that you are driving beyond your limits on public roads and thus endangering everybody else.

Will you also love going to prison when you kill someone?

Well, as long as you are willing to bear the consequences of your actions, then…

Just bear in mind that several states do impose penitentiary terms for those who take the lives of others in reckless driving situations. That possibility, coupled with MAJOR financial consequences, will keep a level-headed person from repeating a bone-headed incident.

On the other hand, since you are apparently someone who delights in telling us that you LOVE going fast, all I can say is–get ready to be Bubba’s girlfriend if and when you get sent to jail.

Yes, I know that teenagers never think that the inevitable is actually inevitable, but unless you relish the idea of being Bubba’s new girlfriend, you will slow down and will stop endangering others.

I make sure when i do something this dumb i’m the only one that can can get hurt. I am well aware of my surroundings and i made sure nothing and nobody could be injured in what i was doing besides me and my belongings.

But anyways shall we get back on topic about what parts could have been damaged and how much it might cost. I know I’ve damaged more than the wheel and tire.

depends on your luck
again parts that could be damage are : knuckle, tie rod end, control arm in severe cases the struts and it can cost you from $400-$800 depending on the quality of the replacement parts

Thanks JorgeT

ummmmmmmmmm. think about what you said. i am not trying to pick a fight, but YOU said it… if you WERE aware of your surroundings, would you have hit the curb? you mention other mishaps. were they the same type of incident? i suspect so. speed, careless, inattention, sound familiar? again, the expense is going to make you pay attention sooner or later. hopefully you will realize that you are NOT a lobster, and body parts do not grow back when you break, get cut, and get hurt.

good luck

I hit the curb because I’m an inexperienced driver with going that fast around a corner. Well my most recent incident was the quad one. I was on a little 80 and my dad was on a 250 i thought i could catch him around a corner but i started to skid and flipped the quad onto me.

And i think thats half my problem is that i’ve never been seriously hurt doing any of this dumb stuff. Never broke a bone just a few scrapes here and there thats it. I should probly stop while im ahead, chances are i won’t though.

The others have beaten you up to my satisfaction, so I’ll refrain from adding to it.

From your description, you may have hit hard enough to have knocked the unibody out of whack, in addition to bending the various suspension parts mentioned by others. If that’s the case, it’s time to start car shopping.

I probly hit the curb goin 35, 45 tops. if that helps evaluate the damage. I didn’t hit it dead on it was probly like a 45 degree angle cos i hit the curb and slid against it for like a foot until i came to a complete stop

Just about right for screwing up the unibody. You should have a competent body shop evaluate it.

“I make sure when i do something this dumb i’m the only one that can can get hurt. I am well aware of my surroundings and i made sure nothing and nobody could be injured in what i was doing besides me and my belongings.”

That statement could probably also be uttered by every person who has ever hit a child who ran into the street while playing or chasing a ball. Drivers don’t intentionally get into accidents, and when reckless driving and unforeseen circumstances coincide, that reckless driving can, and does, impact on other people and the possessions of other people.

You have been lucky so far, but at some point your luck is going to run out and you will injure or kill someone other than yourself. I would suggest that you think about these consequences the next time that you are tempted to drive recklessly.