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A 1952 Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaeton

That looks like a 1955 to me, whole different body style.

Three Chrysler Imperial Parade Phaetons were produced in 1952 by Chrysler as ceremonial vehicles. They were styled by Virgil Exner and were in many ways a preview of the new “Forward Look” styling that would debut in 1955 on the newly separate Imperial marque and on other full-size Chryslers.

I also recognize the 1955 grill appearance, this is from wiki;

After three years of service, the cars were brought back to the factory in 1955 to be updated to 1956 Imperial appearance, in which form they continue to exist to the present day. The front and rear, including grilles, bumpers and trim, were replaced. Internally, the engines were updated with 4-barrel carburetors, and fully automatic Powerflite transmissions were installed.

The New York Times used to sell 1-line ads that ran at the bottom of the columns of the front page. They were expensive so rarely used. Broadway producer David Merrick was so unhappy with his Imperial that he bought one to announce that his was a lemon.

Here’s what it originally looked like

Was that the last dual cowl phaeton to be produced? The four door Lincoln convertibles had no structure between the front and rear seats and the view in the above photo shows the car has all the basic structural elements of 1930s luxury convertibles.