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99 Tacoma Transmission - Further Questions RE: Rebuild

A friend advised me that there are shops that will rebuild your transmission for less cost than other replacement options. I can remove the part myself (with qualified assistance), take it to one of these machine shops, and either replace the rebuilt part when ready or have a mechanic do it. What is the consensus?

If you take your whole truck to a transmission shop to have the work done from soup to nuts, then the shop has to give you back a truck with a perfectly functional transmission. Any messes are for them to clean up.

If you pull out your transmission, then bring it somewhere for a bench rebuild, then reinstall it and there are problems - then they are your problems.

We all take risks. You can take yours if you wish. I wouldn’t think this is worth the trouble.

What are the costs each way?

Fair enough - I will try to find a specialty shop to handle the work. I will have to look more closely at the costs…