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2002 Toyota Sequoia

Hello all, new to this group. I have a question concerning a 2002 Toyota Sequoia with 130,000 miles. The transmission has gone, I want advice on the most economical way to repair. Should the transmission be refurbished or rebuilt. Thanks

Is there a competent transmission shop in your area? Call or drop by and ask what it’d cost to rebuild it. If you could tell him what the symptoms are, the more info the better. He should be able to get a used one for you, then you can compare between the two. Cost as well as warranty.

Ask everyone you know where they recommend you get transmission work done. Eventually, a transmission specialist will show up on the list. They them for an estimate of the repair. If you can get the Sequoia to them, it will be a more reliable estimate.

I hope you really like the vehilce. A rebuild is usually more economical if it can be done. Budget $4000+ in any case. Many vehicles with automatic, that are otherwise in good condition, meet an untimely end when the transmission gives up the ghost.

“Should the transmission be refurbished or rebuilt.”

To me it’s kind of the same thing; you take it apart and replace all worn parts and most seals. I guess you mean by “refurbished” one that is rebuilt at a remanufacturing facility which may be of better quality but maybe not. Other options are a used transmission (iffy unless you dump the truck soon), or a new one ($$$$$$$$).