'99 sentra, the time has come

My Sentra will not pass inspection when the sticker runs out this month, and I believe it’s time to say good bye.
Thank you all for your thoughts, this past year.
I bought the car for 1200 a year and a half ago, and drove it from 195900 to 147500, I think I 've got my money out of it. Out side of replacing most of the front end, including tires and brakes, the car has been trouble free. The balky trany is more sticky… cle is on… rust has consumed the door post, fenders and rockers… tires are nearly worn out…
This car has seen me thru some times and never left me stranded. Dating a crazy woman, self employed painting, volunteering in Boston, building a house every Sat for a year (by volunteer) … sometimes the car would carry tools for several trades … and went thru last winter as I was snow shoveling … .

So now, what ‘new’ car ?? I’m looking in the 4-5 thousand / 100 000 to 150 000 range. I found a 5 speed Corolla S I like the best, and don’t trust the newer Sentra’s…

" I drove it from 195900 to 147500 " You went backward for 48400 miles?
Seriously you don’t sound like someone who really needs help buying a car. I assume the home building volunteer was something like Habitat for Homes so Well Done Sir!

yes 200000 yes habitat
now if I could go from 60 to 25 !!

Corollas are great cars. Have it checked by a mechanic before you buy.

My wife has a 2007 Sentra and it’s very reliable. I didn’t like the CVT transmission at first but it’s growing on me. Still…the Corolla is a great car and have it checked by a good independent mechanic before you buy as knfenimore has already suggested.

I think Corollas tend to be a little overpriced, as used cars