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99' Sebring Transmission

Hey Guys!

Greetings from the midwest!

I have a 99’ Sebring that is having problems shifting in and out of gear; jumping because of the incorrect shifting. Bought it used a year ago , RPM meter only works intermittently. I have that it could be an easy-fix output tranny sensor , I just want to corroborate that.

Thanks in advance!

Odometer mileage?
Level, color, and smell of transmission fluid?
When were the transmission fluid and filter last changed?

It very well could be an easy fix. Go get the computer scanned at your local auto parts store and post back with the code/s.


Ok Heres the codes:

P 0140 02 sensor circuit

No activity bank 1 sensor 2

PO 733 gear 3 incorrect ratio

P 0760 shift solenoid C malf.

P 07600 transmission control system malfunctions

P 0305 cylinders 5 misfire

Which of these should cause this problem?

Thanks guys in advance

That looks like a problem with the solenoid pack. Before even considering changing the solenoid pack, I would check ALL the connector pins going to the TCM and the solenoid pack, they are known to lose connection or have intermittant connection problems. You might want to let a trans shop look at it to be sure before spending the money on a solenoid pack.