99 Nissan Sentra starter

I own a 99 Nissan Sentra. Previous maintenance includes a replaced starter (flooded system) winter of 08. Mileage is 105,000.

Question: So as its gotten cold in WA state. I have started to notice when I start the Sentra it isn’t starting (igniting) as fast as it did earlier in the year. I dont want to keep the key in the ignition to force the car to ignite (start). What can I do to insure that I dont get the starter damaged And keep the system from getting flooded?

Advice given by mechanic was to allow the car to warm up. Which I am doing as its gotten cold. What other factors could make the car not start so easily?

Allowing the engine to warm up has nothing to do with starting. The engine can’t warm up until AFTER it has started.

Please explain more about the “flooding.” Was the starter flooded, as in “under water,” or are you talking about the engine being flooded, as in “too much gasoline.”

The under water kind of flooding is the only kind that can affect the starter.

What’s the maintenance history of this car? How old are the spark plugs, the fuel filter, etc? Starting difficulties are often the result of delayed maintenance.