1996 nissan sentra starting problem

I’ve owned the car since 1998, 172,000 miles, and this problem has stumped my mechanic for at least 8 years. Occasionally the car will start, die, then will not start again. Starter was replaced last year; seems like a fuel problem, as if flooded, but my mechanic cannot replicate the problem. At least once a year it has to be towed to him; this last time I let it sit for 24 hours, wouldn’t start, I figured this time it’s something different, but sure enough as soon as he got it it started right up.

It’s never a matter of it not starting initially: what always happens is it starts and, if it’s cold or it hasn’t run for a few days, it doesn’t quite “catch” all the way, stalls, and then can’t be restarted. HELP!!!

Get a fuel pressure gauge and have it temporarily mounted under the hood.
Check it when the engine acts up.

If it’s not fuel check out the crank position sensor and its wiring.

Get one of these and when it dies you will know if it is spark trouble or no fuel

If you have spark 2 things you may try that does not cost much is have repair guy go threw whole fuel pump circuit and unplug all connectors and clean.
Some cars use fuel pump relays that are the same as others in the car,window defroster,heater fan. You or repair guy can check then check where they are then when it dies switch relays.
Besides throwing parts at it this only way to pinpoint trouble