99 mercury mystique no start

daughters 99 mystique will not start when she gets gasoline, have to wait about 15 mins and after repeated attempts the car finally starts. The rest of the time the car runs fine nthe only time this happens is when she gets gas ???ecause the mystique and contour are same car posted it here.

The next time she gets gas tell her to hold the gas pedal to the floor as she turns the key, and then let up gradually if the car fires up. That is a flood clearing procedure. If it helps get the car started then she likely has a problem with her evaporative emissions system whereby liquid gasoline is ending up where only vapors belong. If she is in the habit of continuing to fill the tank after the automatic shutoff clicks, tell her to stop that.

Is her check engine light on? If so you need to pull & report the error codes (e.g. “P1234”). Many auto parts stores will do this for free.

last time she got gas she left the car running and had no problems didn’t stall or quit ?
no check engine light on.

Tell her NOT to refuel with the car running. There’s a reason it says to turn off your engine. Its not far from the reason that you don’t light up a smoke at the same time.

She needs to have someone check out her evap system.

I only told her to try this to see if anything different happened, also I lived in Ohio for many years and in the winter did this quite often, if you ground yourself on the body of the car before you put nozzle in, it works.