'99 Jeep Cherokee


My car keeps hiccuping. I bought the car used with more than 200,000 miles on it. A few weeks after it began to hiccup. It is only getting worse especially around 60mph. It also does it while I am idle. Sometimes I floor it and the hiccups go away momentarily. Of course it is a lot worse when I am going up hills.

I’ve have noticed some links between the A/C and Car windows on this discussion board. I have also had problems with these. My driver side window has totally stopped working (might jsut be off track) and I don’t think my A/C has evered worked.

Any advice or startig points would be great!!!

P.S. I have also read some other forums which lead me to believe this could be a sensor problem (?)

There may be a problem with the ignition wires causing that to happen. The fuel pump may be weak also so check the pressure under load. If you haven’t replaced the fuel filter do that first.

thank you