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99 Honda CRV Transmission issues

My 99 Honda CRV started to rev and the rpms
would go up and hesitate to go into 3rd & 4th gear. So naturally I thought the tranny was slipping. Check engine light came on. Transmission fluid was then changed and
cant drive it because it doesnt move. It wont engage into drive, it will just rev up. It does go into REVERSE though…the check engine light is no longer on.

Is the D4 light flashing?


No it isnt.

Any ideas?

It likely needs another transmission. Have it towed to a Honda dealer.

20 years old car… why dealer?

any independent mechanic who knows that engine is connected to the transmission will do and will make for less expense, but most likely the tow would be needed to a junk-yard given residual value of 20-years old vehicle

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