99 Honda CRV sudden drop of RPM and Gas/"go" when turning left

My family just acquired a '99 Honda CRV (AutoTrans) with a little over 134,000 miles on it. It drives good but just noticed that every time I make a left turn (i.e. making a left on the street) while pressing down on the gas, as soon as I make the left, the RPM will drop to 0 and I have no “go” on the gas for a second or two before kicking back in and moving forward. It almost has a stalled out feel. Does anybody know what the problem could be?

One thing that can cause this is, if the sock/screen at the bottom pump assembly has partially broken off it’s connection. The sock/screen can shift with the slooshing of the fuel in the tank. This then positions that part that’s broken in front of the fuel pump inlet, causing an interuption of fuel to the engine. So the engine stumbles and almost stalls until the direction of the vehicle changes.


Hey Tester. Thanks for the info. One thing that I forgot to mention is that when making a left after a relatively cold start it doesn’t exhibit this problem. Only after the car has warmed up a bit than will it do it. Either way if it is the sock/screen, do you know roughly how much it would cost to repair it? Thanks

Could be a MAF sensor malfunction or leaky ductwork leading to the throttle body.