2002 Dodge Grand Caravan Engine Steals With Left Turn

I have an odd issue. I bought my car used from the dealer. The fuel pump was replaced last December, as well as had an oil change. The fuel pump died right after the oil change but are seemingly unrelated since the pump was bad when i bought it. After the pump was replaced my van stated acting up over the next couple days. The fuel gauge would dance randomly. That has since settled down. Now when i make left turns, the rpms drop and i have to pump the had to get it going again or else it completely stalls out in the middle of an intersection. … it had been steadily getting more frequent and only on left turns. Right turns runs fine. Any idea? I’ve tried googling it but i get only similar but different situations. …that may or may not fix the problem.

What does it steal on left turns ? Sorry I could not help myself .

With the gauge dancing around and a problem on left turns makes it sound like a connection problem at the fuel pump. Take it back and have them put a gauge on it and do left turns. If fuel pressure drops then they can fix the problem they caused or missed.

I’m with knfenimore on this one. Someone needs to look at that pump installation.
It would seem that the shop that did the install would look at it under their workmanship warranty.

However, I should add that the root cause of the problem might be what was causing the original symptoms and might have just been affected by the pump replacement. If there’s a bad ground, for example, or a bad connection in the fuel pump connector, that might be affected by the act of replacing the pump but still be there. If that turns out to be the case, the workmanship warranty could not be expected to apply and the shop would be justified in charging you for the repair.