99 Honda civic

strong text we know that civic high revs to shift. Isn’t there away I can have mine not shift that high so I can save more gas?

No, there is no modification you can make. Thats the way they work

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That’s the oe thing i forgot. Its a automatic

VTECH engine? they rev pretty high

No just lil 1.6 I think four banger. I wish it was

My 1999 Civic has a 5 speed. Will the automatic rev higher with the gas pedal pushed down far, but upshift at lower RPM if you are easier on the gas pedal?

Your engine’s torque output would be insufficient at lower RPMs. Small engines need to “rev” higher in order to give you adequate acceleration.

Such a thing is probably possible, but hard to say how a diy’er would do it exactly. First off , it depends on how your transmission shifting strategy is implemented. The basic strategy is always based on vehicle speed. But just that is not sufficient, b/c during accelerations the shifting has to be postponed a bit. In other words the speed based algorithm has to be “modulated” for engine load. Some vehicles use a cable from the accelerator pedal, others (like my truck) use a vacuum modulator scheme. And newer cars like yours usually use some sort of electronic control, often combined with a dedicated transmission computer running the shift-decision algorithm. Take a look at this web page plus the next one in sequence.

If I remember right, the 99 automatic only had 4 speeds, so that’s another factor in its high revving