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99 Dodge RAM 2500 Dash VIN Question

I bought a used 99 RAM more than a year ago. I had the AC system worked on which involved taking apart the dash board. The mechanic cracked the dash cover in this process (dash pan). He graciously replaced this part with a new one. All beter, or so I thought. I went to get my CT emmissions test last week, and much to my supprise, my truck no longer has a dash VIN tag.

So the question is - was the VIN tag part of the dash pan which was replaced - or did I (and NY DMV when issuing temp plates to the used car dealer, and CT DMV when approving the vehicle registration) miss the fact that the dash VIN was not present? The door frame VIN maches the title and registration.

Find another similar vehicle and see how the subject VIN tag is attached to the vehicle…

I suspect the plate went into the trash, along with the cracked dash cover. I also suspect the mechanic should have taken the old plate off and riveted it back in place, at time of repair. I would call CT DMV first, lay out the problem, and ask how to handle this situation. In Kansas, all vehicles not titled in Kansas get inspected for VIN plate, and verification at two or three locations on the car. That leads me to believe there is a proper, legal solution for the oversight, and the DMV should be able to describe it for you.

Thanks jayhawkroy, i did call DMV. I can have it insepcted and they will assign another VIN tag for the dask - two or three weeks to get an apointment with the stolen vehicle unit to get that done. CT has really silly emmisions testing rules. The only VIN they can use to confirm the vehicle being tested is the dash VIN. No test - no registraion - no dash vin - no test. The mechanic (dodge dealer) claims that the part is rivited to the dash frame and not the dash cover - however there are three holes for screws or rivets in the dash cover right where the blank spot in the bottom of the window tint is. Seams to me like I am being given a line of BS from them. These are the same guys who crushed one of my running boards on the lift and bent it back thinking I would not notice, cracked the dash and did not say anything, again hoping I would not notice at night when I picked up the truck, and same guys who claimed I only brought it in with two hub caps. Not going there again that is for sure.

I strongly recommend that you stop by the Dodge dealer and get a copy of the Technical Service Bulletin for obtaining a replacement VIN tag. VIN numbers are tightly controlled, and you’ll need to complete a form for the replacement and forward a copy of the repair order.

Been there, done that.