Vins don't match

I’ll try and make this short and sweet.

First off thanks for reading. Hope you have an answer. Lol

I bought a 98 ho da civic Lx in July of 2017. Registration is due in feb 2018 (just a few days away now). I never received any paper work from dmv about renewing I realized so I called them. Unknown to me the car has a salvage retention title. So fix a few things, get it checked, and good to go. DMV requires a brake and light inspection and a vin inspection. Easy. However one of the things needing replaced was the trunk ( the whole left side had been smashed in and the light was broken in ) so I pick and pulled a trunk and new light.

But my my vins don’t match and they are specifically looking for matching vins of course. What do I do? It’s a sticker not a plate. Do I just cut the old one off of old trunk (sticker intact) and bolt it to new trunk?

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There should be a list of things you need to bring to the inspection available online for your state. Among those is the original invoice from the pick’n pull yard for the trunk and any other parts. Hopefully with the vin of the donor car which would prove you legally purchased those parts.

As long as the other vin’s on the car match you should be ok. Here in Washington State the inspection is done by the State Patrol


Usually all you need is the bill of sale for the vehicle and ALL receipts for all the parts you replaced.

They just want proof you didn’t repair the car with stolen parts.

There is a VIN sticker on the trunk? I learn something new every day.

Yup, manufacturers started doing that for 2 reasons - so you know if the part was replaced due to an accident or to deter chop-shops that steal cars and part them out.

the title vin and the dash vin match? i replaced my pass side door. lucky for me there are no stickers on door. now, the drivers door has a manufacturers tag on it. i think just for tire info and such? no vehicle id info? is there really an issue with having a trunk from a 2nd car installed?

Yes - if you are trying to get a rebuilt title for a car that has been totaled, you need to prove all parts were legally purchased.

No - if you are just replacing parts on a already titled car.