2004 Dodge Caravan left turn noise question

I thought I would start a new thread for this specific question.

I have a 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan with 93,946. miles. When a left turn is made it makes a “pop” or “knock” noise. It happens at a specific point in the turn and it makes the noise once maybe 2 times. It’s not a continues “pop” or “knock” noise.

Last week I went by the mechanic and he test drove it. He said possibly tie rod ends or sway bar links but he would not know until he could put it up and look underneath it. I was told to bring it in this morning.

At 4pm I received a call that it was the sway bar links and the charge was $114.00. Since I am concerned about a 615 mile drove one way on Saturday, I told him to fix it.

He called at closing and said it was done.

I got there in enough time to pay, grab my keys and go. Not too far into my trip home, I realize it is still making the exact same noise. I have now paid $114.00 and still have the exact same problem.

I called the shop immediately and spoke to the owners wife. She had me speak with the mechanic. He said “well, I took the links off and drove and I didn’t hear a noise, so I thought that was the problem”… I said… “aren’t links usually replaced when they break”… I really don’t know much about diagnosing nor repairing vehicles. All I know is I am concerned over the sound it is making. Anyway, he wants me to bring it in at 2pm tomorrow and he will drive it again.

If he hears something, he probably wouldnt be able to fit my van in to fix it until next week.

I did some testing today and determined that each time it turns left if I am coasting or accelerating it makes the noise atleast once but maybe twice. If I make a left hand turn from a complete stop, I don’t think it always happens. I need to test that a bit more. My son is actually out in the neighborhood testing that.

So, I need my car accurately diagnosed and fixed in time to go out of town. I have new sway bar links that I didn’t need. A mechanic who is not honest and/or doesnt know a whole bunch and I don’t know what standard operating procedure is when you pay for your car to be fixed and you get it back and it was not accurately diagnosed/fixed.

Any ideas on what this might be? Any chance this could end up being brake related? Not sure how it would be. However, the husband put new brakes on a couple of months ago. Also, what do I do about being charged for a repair that it did not need?

I really need to make this trip. And, I need to feel comfortable that we can make it safely. The noise concerns me.

I would love to find a reliable/honest and fair mechanic in my area!

I appreciate any and all input. I was so happy when they called and said it was fixed. I was relieved and finally ready to get this trip going. And now I am just so frustrated.

Thanks again for any and all input/advice. It is greatly appreciated.