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99 3.9l 4X4 dakota wont run

At first it wouldnt start without me burying the throttle, and wouldnt stay running if i took my foot off the gas, i replaced the throttle position sensor and it starts with no issue, but now if i give it any gas, it shuts of, unless i let off the gas very slowly, what do i do?

What maintenance has been done to the engine recently? If nothing I would give it a good general tune-up: spark plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor (if applicable). Is the check engine light on? If so get the codes read.

just got sparkrs and wires about 3 weeks ago, the battery is a bit weak tho, its not my truck, just working on it for a cousin, the check engine light was on, but now its not

Sure I’ll take a stab in the dark. Sea foam, gas filter, new battery, check timing. After that check fuel pressure then if needed a good fuel injector cleaning with a good product like the 3m system, or replacement of the pickup filter in the tank, so may options. Paying for a proper diagnosis and doing the repairs would probably be the most cost effective.

Find a code reader that will pick up history codes and figure out what the codes were.

Burying the throttle as a way of making it run suggests a flooding condition. As waterboy noted there are too many possibilities. You must get a fuel pressure gauge on it and check the fuel pressure and fuel pressure regulator.

How does it idle if your foot isn’t on throttle?

it idles really well now, when i step on the gas, it responds well, and everything seems fine until i let off the throttle fast, as in normal driving fast, then it stalls.

So are you saying that it now runs just fine? You turn the key, it starts up. You put it in gear and it goes just fine. But when you release the throttle it stalls unless you do it gradually? So everything is great except for that? If so then have a look at the idle air control valve.

alright, thank you all for your help!