99 Dodge Caravan w/odd transmission problem

When I start my '99 Caravan on warm mornings, I put it in drive and I go about 100 feet … and then it falls out of gear. It rolls to a stop and there I sit … for maybe 30 to 60 seconds … and then there’s a thump, and now it’s in gear and I can drive away. It only happens in warm weather, it only happens when the car has been sitting for many hours. I’ve paid a transmission place $149 to repair this … but it happened again the very next day.

I love this vehicle and so because it only happens in my driveway, I’m just ignoring this problem. But there was one time when I left my car at a mall parking lot for an entire day while I went off on a jaunt with friends and that time it did it when I pulled out into traffic! 30 to 60 seconds is a long time when you’re stalled across a lane of mall traffic. So, any clue what it could be?

Well what did the shop do? Why not go back to them. Have you checked the fluid level and color? Did they scan the computer for any codes. I should also add that I have a 200 Caravan and from reading reveiws and boards it seems that there is NO transmission problem with this car that would be considered ODD!

Yea, it would help to know what the transmission shop did. Did they scan the TCM to see what the computer is doing at the time of the problem?? I’m thinking something in the solenoid body. Did the computer set any trouble codes??


sounds like the old 404 OD trans there was a problem the internal sels would blow out and bang go. also the computer box is in the trnas they moved to left inside of front fender. It sound like the valve body is stucking or a bad toque convertor. you will be looking at $1000 to start. if can be done I would put a three speed trans in the 404 is junk. or but a life time warr if a shop rebuilds it