91 caravan


Our 1991 Dodge Caravan has been giving us some trouble lately and I’m hoping someone can help. The transmission sometimes won’t shift. It is an automatic. This happens randomly and with no specific pattern I can determine. The cure is to turn off the ignition and re-start the van. The problem can occur when first starting out or after leaving a stop. I assume it is a computer problem, but I don’t know what or if it can be fixed inexpensively. Thanks


i had one of these. i am AMAZED you have gone this long without any transmission problems!!

take it to a transmission repair shop. if you dont know of one, ask your friends, co workers, and neighbors where they take their car. dont go to a dealer, go to a shop that specializes in tranmissions.


I recomend changing the transmission fluid to amsoil, I have had a lot of good luck with using it. garantte it will improve preformice a lot!


Thanks. The transmission was replaced about 3 years ago. This problem is fairly recent, and I think electronic. If I turn off the van and restart, it shifts correctly for a while. I’m worried if I take it in to a shop without at least a few possible cures I will get a new transmission, even if it is just a computer problem or some kind of sensor.


There is little external control, maybe an electrical lockup torque converter. There are some inputs to the transmission, such as the gear shifter and those shown on the autozone website: http://www.autozone.com/az/cds/en_us/0900823d/80/12/92/a0/0900823d801292a0/repairInfoPages.htm . Click on it and read.